Make your everyday payments seamless with Moniecheap.

Securely and conveniently pay for anything, send and receive money and pay bills and utilities—all in one place.

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Start your journey of hassle-free payments in just 3 simple steps.

Create Account
Create Account

Follow a simple and quick account creation process. Provide your basic information, set up your profile, and create a secure login pin to get started.

Create Account
Fund Your Wallet
Fund Your Wallet

Once your account is created, easily fund your wallet using various payment options such as peer-to-peer, bank transfer, or through credit/debit card.

Fund Your Wallet
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Make Payments

With your wallet funded, you're ready to make payments effortlessly. Whether you're paying individuals or businesses, Moniecheap enables seamless transactions.

Make Payments
Pay Online or Offline Fast and Easy

Pay online or offline fast and easy

Whether it's paying for online purchases or settling bills at a brick-and-mortar store, Moniecheap got you covered.

"I've been using Moniecheap for my payments, and it's been a game-changer! I effortlessly pay for my online purchases with just a few taps on my phone, and even at the local store, the process is lightning-fast. No more fumbling for cash or waiting for card transactions to process. Highly recommended!"

- Ekanem, a satisfied Moniecheap user

Send and receive money from anyone at the speed of light

Send and receive money from anyone at the speed of light

Whether it's transferring money to friends and family, paying bills, or making business transactions, Moniecheap offers a convenient, secure, and seamless way for money transfers.

"The speed and convenience of sending and receiving money with Moniecheap is unmatched. I can send money to my friends and family within seconds, and receiving money is just as fast. Highly recommended!"

- John, a satisfied Moniecheap user

Pay Bills and Utilities Fast and Hassle-Free

Pay bills and utilities fast and hassle-free

Moniecheap provides a fast and convenient way for you to pay your bills and utilities. From electricity and cable subscription to airtime and mobile data, We offer a one-stop payment solution saving you time and effort.

"I am amazed by how fast and convenient it is to pay my bills and utilities with Moniecheap. I no longer have to spend time visiting multiple offices or websites to make payments. With just a few taps on my phone, I can easily manage all my bill payments in one place."

- Aisha, a satisfied Moniecheap user

Enjoy the Convenience of Easy Payments With Etegram

Enjoy the convenience of easy payments with Moniecheap.

  • Faster and more convenient way to pay
  • Reliable way to send and receive money
  • Easier way to pay and manage bills and utilities
  • Seamless and lightning-fast payments Solution
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Make your business payments fast and secure, with Moniecheap.

Get a Business Bank Account for your business today and Give your customers the best payment experience with multiple payment options.

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Make your business payments fast and secure, with Etegram
Download the Etegram App

Download the Etegram App.

Join the thousands of users who love Etegram and experience seamless and lightning-fast payments.

  • Superfast and more convenient
  • 100% security. Guaranteed.
  • Say goodbye to bank fees