Pay your bills your way without hassle or delay

Seamless bill payments are made easy with Etegram: airtime, mobile data, electricity, TV cable - All in one place.

Pay Your bills Your Way Without Hassle Nor Delay

Flexible bill payment options at your fingertips


With our streamlined process that simplifies bill payments, you can quickly and efficiently settle your bills without any unnecessary complexities.


Etegram is designed to process payments promptly, enabling you to pay bills timely and avoid late fees or disruptions in services.

Make Payments
Make Payments

With Etegram, say goodbye to paying bills in person or battling with websites that don't work. Just pay your bills and utilities all in one place.

Top-up your data and airtime instantly using Etegram

Top-up your data and airtime instantly using Etegram.

Stay connected and communicate with others seamlessly by quickly and conveniently adding credit to your mobile data and airtime balance in real time with Etegram.

Supports all telecom networks.

Send and receive money from anyone at the speed of light

Pay or renew your TV subscription, internet, electricity and so much more with Etegram

Use Etegram to make payments or renewals for these services in a streamlined manner, without the hassle of visiting multiple websites or making physical payments at no extra cost.

Select from a number of billers that Etegram supports.

Make your business payments fast and secure, with Etegram.

Get a Business Bank Account for your business today and Give your customers the best payment experience with multiple payment options.

Create a Business Account
Make your business payments fast and secure, with Etegram
Download the Etegram App

Download the Etegram App.

Join the thousands of users who love Etegram and experience seamless and lightning-fast payments.

  • Superfast and more convenient
  • 100% security. Guaranteed.
  • Say goodbye to bank fees