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Have you ever made a transfer and had to wait for 10mins just for the seller to confirm the transaction. With our technology, all you need is to have an Etegram wallet and you can send/receive funds “INSTANTLY”.


Have you had to walk long distances to find an ATM or POS just to make withdrawals/deposits or maybe you forgot you debit card and you’re stranded. All you need is your phone, and your phone is ALWAYS by your side.


Imagine the number of times you use the POS daily, weekly and monthly.
Also consider the multiple transaction charges you deal with just to use your own money.

Never buy or sell online without using Etegram Escrow. With Etegram Escrow you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks. Truly secure payments.

Lock your account to only one IP address. 1 IP LOGIN secures your account from fraudsters, that have access to your Etegram login details

Etegram is Transforming Businesses In Nigeria.

Designing Etegram App features, we have considered the true back bones of our economy like grocery shops, pharmacies, barber shops etc. and what features can help these businesses thrive.

QR Payment Feature

Etegram has been carefully designed to make transactions between small businesses everyday very fast and convenient using our QR payment. With this feature you can pay bills in less than 10 seconds.

Payment Link

If you sell goods or services online, you can create instant payment links to receive payments from customers/clients across Africa.

Customers/clients can tap on the unique payment link, enter amount and click on “pay”. IT’S FAST AND IT’S CONVENIENT.

Custom Account

Many small businesses lose clients and commissions because they use unofficial, personal bank accounts to run their businesses.

According to research, customers are willing to make payments to businesses or corporate accounts rather than personal bank accounts.

With Etegram you can create instant custom bank accounts for your business in minutes.

Escrow Payment

Never buy or sell online without using Etegram Escrow With Etegram Escrow you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks. Truly secure payments.

Let's Talk Security

1ip login –
using this feature, you can lock your Etegram account to a particular device. With this, even if someone has your account login details, it is yet impossible for him/her to login into your account from another device.

Fees as clear as glass.

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Get the app now, dump bank fees for good.

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