Seamlessly pay or get paid for moments that matter.

Whether it's settling up with a friend, helping a loved one in need, or paying for a haircut or transport fare, Etegram makes it easy to send money quickly and securely to just about anyone, anywhere.

Fast and Convenient Payments, Anytime, Anywhere!

Removing the hassle, delay, and cost in sending and receiving funds

Completely Free
Completely Free

Send and receive money without any transaction fees or hidden charges. Say Goodbye to bank charges forever.

Multiple Options
Multiple Options

We provide you with various options to send and receive money, including peer-to-peer, bank transfers, QR code payments, and more.

Secure & Fast
Secure & Fast

Etegram is designed for speed with advanced security, allowing you to send and receive money in real time or within a matter of seconds.

Send money at the speed of light.

Send money at the speed of light.

Whether you need to transfer funds to a friend, family member, or business associate, Etegram provides a simple and secure way to get it done.

Say goodbye to lengthy delays and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of lightning-fast money transfers with Etegram.

Send. Settle. Enjoy peace of mind

Help a loved one with upkeep money. Pitch in for hangout contribution. Pay your driver. Settle up your hairstylist.

Send Via Username, email, or mobile number

Send Via Username, email, or mobile number.

Can’t remember their complicated account numbers? Just input any contact information of the user and we will securely transfer the funds to the intended recipient in a seamless and convenient manner.

Send to a Bank Account Number

Send to a Bank Account Number

The person is not yet an Etegram user? Don’t fret, just input their bank account number, and we will handle the rest, ensuring that your money reaches the intended destination quickly and securely.

Request and Receive Money from Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Request and receive money from anyone, anywhere, anytime

Whether you need to split expenses with friends or family, collect payment for goods or services, or receive funds from clients or customers, Etegram makes it seamless and convenient.

No matter where you are or what time it is, We empower you to receive money hassle-free.

Ask. Receive. Celebrate.

Ask a friend to pay you back. Collect contributions for your friend's wedding party. Request for payment after that job.

Share your username or QR code

Share your username or QR code

Effortlessly share your username or QR code with friends, family, or business partners so they can send funds to you securely and efficiently. It’s always seamless with Etegram peer-to-peer payment.

Share Your Nuban Account Number

Share Your Nuban Account Number

With your Etegram unique Nuban Account number, you can easily receive funds from anyone, anywhere, at any time. Just copy and share the account number with anyone to receive money or get paid.

Innovative tools for your business to guarantee success

Get a Business Bank Account for your business today and Give your customers the best payment experience with multiple payment options.

Create a Business Account
Make your business payments fast and secure, with Etegram
Download the Etegram App

Download the Etegram App.

Join the thousands of users who love Etegram and experience seamless and lightning-fast payments.

  • Superfast and more convenient
  • 100% security. Guaranteed.
  • Say goodbye to bank fees