Etegram has been carefully designed to make transactions between small everyday businesses very fast and convenience using our QR payment. With this feature you can pay bills in less than 10 seconds.

Payment Link

If you sell online (goods or services), you can create instant payment links to receive payments from customers/clients.

Your customers/clients tap on your unique payment link, enter amount and tap on “pay”. IT’S FAST AND IT’S CONVENIENT.

Custom Account

Many small businesses lose clients and commissions because they use unofficial, personal bank accounts to run their businesses.

According to research, customers trust and are willing to make payments to official, business or corporate accounts rather that personal bank accounts.

With Etegram you can create instant custom accounts for your business in minutes.

1ip Login

Our user love this one. with 1ip login feature, you can lock your Etegram account to a particular device. This means even if someone has your account login details, it is yet impossible for him/her to login into your account from another device.

Peer-to-peer Transfers

Users can receive and send funds instantly using unique etegram wallet iDs, you enter unique etegram wallet iD, enter amount and send.
The beneficiary receives funds instantly with zero delays unlike traditional banking processes.

Airtime TopUp

Instantly top-up your mobile airtime and data using this feature. our goal is truly to make your life easier annd less stressful.

Escrow Payments

With escrow payments, the merchant/seller will receive the funds only when the Client/Buyer has received and accepted the products or services that are part of the transaction. However, the Seller knows they will receive payment because Etegram is holding the funds on their behalf.