Etegram has been carefully designed to make transactions between small everyday businesses very secure and protected using our Escrow feauture. 

Etegram integrates escrow

If you sell online (goods or services), you can create instant payment links to receive payments from customers/clients.

Your customers/clients tap on your unique payment link, enter amount and tap on “pay”. IT’S FAST AND IT’S CONVENIENT.

Over $1 million of transactions protected

Etegram is the world’s most secure payment method from a counterparty risk perspective – safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using escrow are kept in trust.

1. Buyer seller agree
to terms

2. Buyer submits payment to Escrow

3. Seller delivers goods or service to buyer

4. Etegram releases payment to seller

Get the app now, dump bank fees for good.

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